Rewriting History

It´s time to awaken the inspiration.

"The stories tell us that once there was a girl named Carmesina that managed to restore the colours of the world. It is also said that when that girl grew up a saddening melancholy overwhelmed her brushes and imagination. To recover the lost inspiration, she will have to return to the World of Forgotten Colours, accompanied by Black Cat, and rewrite history."

Inspiration Dormant. Forgotten Colours Revisited is a graphic novel that presents a journey into the realm of tales, where we will meet again with characters from Forgotten Colours and meet new ones; where we'll experience red passion, yellow joy, ochre laziness and dark fears... And so on until covering an entire palette of hues that will allow us to discover our true colours and recover the inspiration to create, to dream, in short, to live.

Pencils and paintbrushes

Dive into the world of Forgotten Colours

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Discover the colours and landscapes of the journey of Inspiration Dormant through its thirteen chapters. Nothing better than the book's wonderful illustrations to colour your world and to enjoy the World of Stories and Imagination.

Commitment and values

We are committed to our world

The book has been printed in El Tinter, using 50% recycled paper, vegetable inks and stochastic screening in order to reduce consumption and respect the environment.

5% of the proceeds of the book is donated to the NGO Children of India, to help new generations in this country to go on dreaming and fulfil their dreams.

Inspiration Dormant. Forgotten Colours Revisited by Silvia G. Guirado
Illustrated by: David Garcia Forés, Marta Garcia Pérez and Desiree Arancibia
244 pages.
Play Attitude Edition
ISBN-13: 978-84-15149-24-8

The Creative Minds

Getting to know authors

Although four names appear on the cover of the book, there's a lot of work behind by the whole Play Creatividad team: Francesc, Alex and Ivannis with the website and applications; Teo, with the layout and music; Carlos, bringing the images to life; and so the entire management team and coordination as Efrén, Montse, Carlos, Merxe, and collaborators, editors and translators.

Silvia González Guirado

Story writer by vocation and heart

Since she was small she was fond of imagining; and found, in writing, her vocation and means of expression. She studied Art History and Media Communications, has written Forgotten Colours and Inspiration Dormant, and is Play the cat's voice in the blog Historias de un gato (A Cat's Stories).

David Garcia Forés

The man who almost met Carmesina

As a child he already loved to draw and even though being surrounded by numbers, as an Economics student, he chose design and illustration as a profession. You can see this in Forgotten Colours, Inspiration Dormant and, soon, in a graphic adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's stories.

Marta García Pérez

I will outline my own plan, which is to enjoy

In art class she discovered her love for pencils and colours. She studied Graphic Design and currently illustrates everything she can and more, with her "martuko" style. Besides participating in Forgotten Colours and Inspiration Dormant, she enjoys doing crochet in her her spare time.

Desiree Arancibia

Sailor apprentice in a sea of lines and colours

Daughter of Spanish and Chilean parents, she studied Integrated Design in her native Chile and worked in multiple formats of design in Barcelona. She has illustrated Forgotten Colours and Inspiration Dormant and now that she's a mom has opted for designing for kids.

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The Illustrator's Sketches

Discover the preliminary drawings that led to the artwork and see the evolution towards the final result.

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Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Sketch 4
Sketch 5
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Sketch 8

The Black Cat's Blog

Anecdotes, contents and news will slowly be unraveled by Black Cat in his blog. Stay tuned!